After the Gengzi Kingdom changed, the land of China was devastated, and young people with aspirations rose up to save their homeland. Aristocratic youth Liang Xiang, revolutionary party Yang Kai Zhi, and Beiyang Wuyou Guardian Li Ren Jun became the first batch of progressive young people who went to Japan to study at a non-commissioned officer’s school. They met revolutionary exiles Yu Tian Bai and Qiu Hong on a cruise ship. Since then, the five people have been fatefully linked.

Géneros: Drama

Actores: Li Xian, Wei Daxun, Jessie Li, Zhou You, Yawen Zhu, Wu Yue, Li Chengru, Jiang Han

Primer: Jul 18, 2022

Último: Aug 08, 2022

País: CN

Duración: minutos

Calidad: HD

imdb rating 7