Unsere Herzen - Ein Klang

Ver unsere herzen - ein klang película completa online – The two filmmakers Torsten Striegnitz and Simone Dobmeier have succeeded in creating a great symbiosis of music and documentary film with OUR HEARTS - ONE SOUND, which creates a true-to-life impression of the sense of community what singing in a choir means. Their film finds humanity in art and magic in music. A moving and immersive cinematic experience of great warmth, emphasizing the unstoppable power of community in times of isolation and understanding how music brings people together.

Géneros: Documental


Director: Torsten Striegnitz

País: Germany

Titulo original: Unsere Herzen - Ein Klang

Duración: 1h 53m

Calidad: HD

Año: 2022

imdb rating 6