Signé Renart

Ver signé renart película completa online – The vicissitudes of showbiz take the hero Renart (Gerald Battiaz) and his wife Hermeline (Francoise Dupertuis) from up to down and back again in this brief drama. Renart entertains at a nightclub by pulling objects out of a suitcase on stage and creating a wide range of sound effects with his collection of odds and ends. All goes well until his wife is fired from her job at the club because she is pregnant. That infuriates Renart, and he quits. The couple then take off for the mountains and open up a club of their own, but now when he is the owner, Renart is transformed for the worse.

Titulo original: Signé Renart

Duración: 1h 30m

Calidad: HD

Año: 1986

imdb rating 5.6