Hattinger und der Nebel - Ein Chiemseekrimi

Ver hattinger und der nebel - ein chiemseekrimi película completa online – On her run-down farm, Ursula Kammler discovers her brother's body. The two have shared, lived and worked on the legacy of the Chiemsee. For years now, colleagues from white-collar crime have been filing a case over Joe Kammler's strange business practices, but they have not been able to prove anything to him. Sarah Beck, the murder victim's secretary, is helping Hattinger, the network of business relations to finally see through: The murdered seems to have made common cause with a dubious banker. Sarah's erotic charisma attracts the Commissioner visibly in his spell ...

Titulo original: Hattinger und der Nebel - Ein Chiemseekrimi

Duración: 1h 30m

Calidad: HD

Año: 2016

imdb rating 6