Ein Kuckuckskind der Liebe

Ver ein kuckuckskind der liebe película completa online – Anabel (Lisa Martinek) apparently has everything a woman could want: a well-paid husband Dirk (Tim Bergmann), a nice apartment, good friends and an antique shop to keep her busy. The only thing missing is a child, but she can't have one because she accidentally finds out that her husband is sterile. She keeps her husband in the dark about her discovery of his shortcoming, who on the contrary assumes Anabel is incapable of conceiving. One day her pragmatic friend Lissi (Antje Schmidt) comes up with the idea that Anabel could get impregnated by another man and lie to her husband about the paternity of the child.

Titulo original: Ein Kuckuckskind der Liebe

Duración: 1h 55m

Calidad: HD

Año: 2005

imdb rating 6