DEAD OR ZOMBIE ゾンビが発生しようとも、ボクたちは自己評価を変えない

Ver dead or zombie ゾンビが発生しようとも、ボクたちは自己評価を変えない película completa online – Set in a provincial city that has been quarantined to prevent the spread of infection after a zombie outbreak, this human drama depicts the new daily life of a high school girl who remains in the quarantine area to take care of her family who have become zombies. (machine translation)

Géneros: Drama

Actores: Sara Kurashima, Hono Miyabe, Tamae Ônishi

Director: Tomoya Sato


Titulo original: DEAD OR ZOMBIE ゾンビが発生しようとも、ボクたちは自己評価を変えない

Duración: 0h 42m

Calidad: HD

Año: 2022

imdb rating 6