Ver 济公:降龙罗汉 película completa online – The evil Black Dragon Jie Hook feeds on emotions such as bitterness, fear and sorrow. He creates a plague on earth and sends the demon dragon Fish Bu Confusion (Roy Cheng) and the tree demon Pu Kwai (Zhang Chuxuan) to capture his nemesis Li Xin Yuan (Chen Haomin) in his dreams. In the course of the assassination, Pu Kui is impressed by Li Xin Yuan's kindness and integrity in saving the people and gradually swayed. The assassination mission is delayed again and again, and the suffering on earth makes the evil dragon accumulate enough strength to come to earth to kill his destined enemy Li Xin Yuan himself.

Géneros: Comedia, Fantasía

Actores: Chan Ho-Man, Zhang Chuxuan, Zheng Junhao

Director: Su Yu

País: China

Titulo original: 济公:降龙罗汉

Duración: 1h 26m

Calidad: HD

Año: 2021

imdb rating 6